Why Counselling

What is Counseling ?

Everyone seeks advice and support from loved ones and trusted friends—people who can help us understand or solve a life problem. But sometimes we need more. Professional counseling involves someone trained to provide help. Counselors can help you recognize your inner worth and examine the way you see yourself. Counseling promotes growth and helps you:

When should you seek Counseling ?

No one answer is right for everyone, but if you are experiencing some of the following feelings, then counseling might help:-

Why Counseling ?

Life is just difficult at times and things are not going the way you wanted them to go. Often we are able to easily manage these situations but we all go through times when we feel alone and no one seems to understand or knows how to help. Counseling can help.

Counseling helps individuals overcome challenges and develop resilience for the future. Counseling not only prevents mental issues but also guides students in making the right career choices at the right time. It helps the individual become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and enables them to leverage their strengths optimally.

Counseling helps students identify what they are really passionate about and guides them in achieving their goal. For students who are plagued with low self-confidence, negative attitude and ineffective decision-making capability, the need for career counseling becomes all the more important.

According to Dr Dhaarna, “The guidance given to young minds sets them off on a well-defined path leading to a meaningful life and reinforces the workforce of the nation.”

While giving reference to her experience at prestigious residential schools, Dr Dhaarna said “Counseling is very essential for teenagers as it prevents them from developing suicidal tendencies or mental illnesses or become a victim of substance abuse, etc.” In addition to prevention of mental illness, counseling provides the proactive measures to facilitate the individuals who are vulnerable to get stuck in a downward spiral.

Increasing cases of marital discord in the society due to the assertion of independence, diminishing capacity for adjustment and ego clashes are also hugely benefitted by counseling. Dr Dhaarna’s open and accessible disposition makes the individual comfortable and provides the environment conducive enough to share their concerns freely and frankly.