Our Story


I, Pratiiti, intrigue your mind. Some of you are very true upto an extent when you correlate with Prtiit means Aabhas, but I’m unique & different. I represent Vishwas i.e.confidence. Yes, I do represent the Phoenix, from classical mythology, a unique bird of Arabian desert that burned itself on a funeral pyre every five or six centuries and rose from the ashes with renewed youth. Yes, I do represent the ‘resilience’ – the most important factor in life for sustenance. This resilience is the state of mind and rotates and/or revolves around Psychology of each human being. History will corroborate that societies have survived because of resilience only.

Pratiiti Luminaries promises to put best efforts to luminate your own confidence. We believe that your internal strength is vital for your sustenance i.e. resilience. We facilitate the human beings to achieve confidence so that they can achieve the goal of happiness in life. That’s why our catchphrase or slogan resonates our values –“Belief in the power of self”. We try to be truly global by acknowledging the existence of different mythologies across the world. We would like to play the role of Jamwant – from Hindu philosophy – who reminded Hanumanji his hidden powers which would help him cross the ocean in single leap.

The brain & colourful internal parts in the design reflects multiple thoughts. The ripples in white around the brain & thoughts depicts our endeavours, through which, farther one travels achieves calm, compose & tranquillity – again the bedrock of happy life.

Our Vision

Pratiiti will be recognized as a prominent contributor in career development, mental health and well-being as a sociopreneur. We are committed to a diverse, confidential, dynamic, cutting-edge approach to each of our services in counselling, training and comprehensive psychotherapeutic services.

Our Team

Dr Dhaarna

Dr. Dhaarna Bhardwaj

Founder & Director

Dr. Dhaarna Bhardwaj has a rich experience of over 20 years in the counseling domain and has established herself as a career counselor, life skills trainer, counselor, coach as well as an expert psychotherapist.
team member 1

Anushka Tyagi

UI/UX Designer Intern

A dynamic and ingenious mind adept at originating influential art work in the digital space. She is well versed in softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel. An unbound artist with a passion for sketching and performing in theatre and a desire to become a prominent graphic designer in the future.
team member 2

Anushka Mehta

Mental Wellness Intern

A Psychology student with a deep appreciation and interest in art and psychology. She uses these disciplines as an outlet to convey her deep thoughts and ideas in a unique way. She loves fine arts and design spending hours sketching the most trivial things in the universe. She has had an art exhibition at the India Habitat Canter and also delivered a Ted-Ed Talk on “Art An expression”, divulging in the entrancing relationship between art and emotions. She is also write articles on diverse topics to spread awareness, hoping to leave an impact.
team member 3

Pihali Tak

Mental Wellness Intern

Just an average teenage originator admant on filling every blank piece of paper with eloquent words and ambitious strokes. She is graduated is the classical kathak dance and has also performed it on several platforms. Has a heavy inclination towards reading while pondering over most random fantasies and is highly interested in studying and researching psychology as a subject.
team member 7

Pushpesh Raj

Mental Wellness Intern

An economics graduate having however little but significant experience in policy research,service delivery practices and priorities thanks to stint with government setup.He simply believes that "Human intelligence is a coincidental by-product of friendliness."His arguments are directed at addressing the ever fast increasing rate of change which brings the unknown situations, rendering most of previous knowledge negligible to address that therein,the solution lies in equipping one and all with emotional stability to frame your response to the unknown.
team member 4

Satyam Shukla

Mental Wellness Intern

As a psychology major he is deeply intrigued by humanistic approach to build trusting relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, this has led to his passionate research on leadership. He firmly believes that the OODA technique (observe ,orient , decide and act). helps individuals deal with real life situation in a more productive way. With a deep dedication to take initiatives, he wants to fine tune his skills further and be able to reach our a helping hand to those in need and help empower them.
team member 5

Rockey Dahiya

Mental Wellness Intern

A medical student with artistic mind & deep sense of responsibility of filling pits and holes in healing process, professionally and passionately. He has a belief that the crux of art and music is to heal those who are in physical or mental distress. Being blessed with an artistic mind helps him to unfold and explore this possibility since art and music is not just brush and guitar but imagination. Tuning radiating frequency of art and music to ailments could be a great trigger for healing and he hopes to make a mark by using this approach.

Our Mentors

Prof V R Mehta

Prof V R Mehta

Prof. V. R. Mehta is an illustrious academician of Political Science, Ex-VC of Delhi University, an internationally acclaimed prolific writer and chief mentor of FAEA.He has won several national and international awards and is an aluminus of Delhi University and Cambridge (U.K.).Prof. Vrajendra Raj Mehta, Ph.D. (Cantab) is the member secretary of the Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA). He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Executive committee of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. Prof. Mehta was earlier Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi (1995-2000). He was educated at the Universities of Delhi and Cambridge (U.K.). He began his academic career as a Lecturer in Political Science in Delhi. He was later appointed Associate Professor at Himachal Pradesh University and today has the distinction of being a University Professor of over twenty seven years standing. He also became Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and a Member of the Executive Council at the Himachal Pradesh University. In 1978 he was invited to become a Professor in the Department of Political Science, Rajasthan University, Jaipur. He was also Head of the Department of Political Science, Coordinator of UGC sponsored ULP Programme in Political Science, RajasthanUniversity, Hon. Director of the Centre of Gandhian Studies, University of Rajasthan. Besides being Professor of Political Science, he was also director of the Institute of Correspondence Studies, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He was also Chief Warden, Rajasthan University for two years. Professor Mehta was the First Vice-Chancellor of Kota Open University from 1987 to 1990.
Prof Asha Hingar

Prof Asha Hingar

Professor Asha Hingar is a stalwart in the field of psychology. She has a prolific experience of over four decades in teaching, administration and research in University of Rajasthan.She has guided more than 60 students for Ph. D and M.Phil. She has directed various training programs and trained many counsellors under her able guidance. She has authored many books and contributed chapters to many book written by renowned professionals. Hundreds of articles by her have been published in indexed Indian Journals. Apart from presenting numerous papers and chairing various national conferences she has held various positions including Director, Student Advisory Bureau, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Rajasthan amongst others.
Dr L V Reddy

Dr L V Reddy

Dr. Lakshman Ventakaswami Reddy is a stalwart in the field of training and career guidance. MA psychology, M.Ed., MA (Distance Education), Post Grad Diploma in EVG (Educational and Vocational guidance,NCERT), Ph.D. and did his Post Doctrate in Career Counselling. Advisory Board Member National Talent Search examination (NTSE), Government of Karnataka, Ex National Committee member, Rehabilitation Council of India. He started as a Teacher educator at B.Ed. Level and was appointed as a State Psychologist of Karnataka Government. He got selected through UPSC as a Training Officer in Ministry of Labour & Employment, GOI. He became Senior Research Officer, (Occupational Research) and later on was promoted as a Deputy Director & Head, Career Study Centre and later headed the Career Study Centre as a Director & HOD. Dr. Reddy is an eminent scholar and has presented 250 papers at State, National & International levels. Dr. Reddy has contributed immensely in the field of career counselling and more than 200 booklets on various careers have been published. He also has been associated with working of NCO 2004. Dr. Reddy has been awarded the International Labour Organization Fellowship. He is a Master Trainer for Entrepreneurial Motivation Training, he has contributed immensely towards training of the counsellors and teachers in all the RIEs under NCERT. He is a core Faculty in NCERT. He is a National Accredited Trainer- DOPT (Department of Personnel Training).
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